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About Us

We are Colleen and Jeff Janke, a proficient husband and wife duo with a profound passion for capturing the essence of couples and their unique love stories.

Jeff, a highly acclaimed and sought-after photographer, boasts an impressive track record of over 20 years in the industry. Having traversed the globe, his exceptional work has been prominently featured in esteemed magazines and publications such as Yahoo News, PopSugar, The Knot, Arizona Weddings, Modern Bride, and numerous others.

Formerly employed as a Hollywood studio executive and creative professional, I have garnered extensive experience working behind the scenes of major blockbuster features and renowned television shows during the past decade. Presently, I am the proud owner of a health and beauty business, leveraging my expertise as a professional makeup artist.

Our own love story commenced in 2017 when our eyes met across the bar in a romantically dimly lit restaurant. From that fateful moment forward, we have been inseparable, deeply captivated by one another. However, one obstacle stood in our way: the considerable distance of approximately 100 miles that separated us. Restricted to rendezvousing solely on weekends and the occasional weeknight, we devised a solution. Given Jeff's full-time commitment as a wedding photographer, predominantly occupied on weekends, he ingeniously suggested that I accompany him during weddings and engagement sessions, thereby affording us more quality time together. Initially serving as Jeff's personal assistant, this role swiftly kindled within me a newfound passion and creativity for wedding and couples photography. Presently united, we wholeheartedly immerse ourselves in your love story, eagerly striving to create images that not only captivate your visual senses but also evoke profound emotions, withstanding the test of time. This is our solemn pledge.

Equipped with Jeff's extensive knowledge of lighting, posing, and directing couples, complemented by my meticulous attention to detail and mastery of capturing feminine angles and candid moments, we commit to astonishing you with breathtaking and timeless memories. Our vision is to crystallize your love, ensuring it remains the focal point of our artistic endeavors. As a genuinely "in love" and authentic couple, we take pride in our ability to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, enabling you and your partner to revel in your true selves while delightfully embracing the presence of our cameras.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to encapsulate the essence of your hearts, leaving an indelible imprint on your souls.

We look forward to making your heart shutter…

Colleen Chapman-Janke

Dynamic Photos - Jeff Janke

“Anyone can shoot natural light, however there is more to capture when creativity is not bound by the sun.”

A few pics from our recent wedding in Tulum - Colleen + Jeff